Facts About Wales

Believe it or not, did you know :-

  • Wales is called Cymru in Welsh.
  • The country of Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain.
  • Wales has a population of 3 million people and nearly twice as many sheep.
  • Welsh is a Celtic based language that has seen a resurgence in recent times and is now spoken by over 20% of the population.
  • English and Welsh are the two official languages of Wales, you can have a lot of fun trying to pronounce Welsh words- see below.
  • Mount Snowdon or  Yr Wyddfa to give it the Welsh name (see what we mean re Welsh words) , is the highest peak in Wales at 1085 m (3560 ft).
  • Wales contains more castles per square mile than any other country in the world.
  • Wales is often termed “the land of song” – please join in when you can.
  • Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium has the largest retractable roof of any sports stadium in the world.
  • Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is credited with inventing lawn tennis when in 1873 he designed and patented a similar game for his guests to play on his estate of Nantclwyd in Llanelidan Wales. We are still waiting for a Welsh Wimbledon Champion

Remember we mentioned that trying to speak Welsh can be a lot of fun. Well here some American tourists who have been asked to try and have a go at pronouncing some place names.  Dont worry if you get it wrong – most of us in Wales do as well.

wales-counties guide map