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Welcome to the smallest city in the UK, St Davids, hiding away in deepest far reaches of West Wales, discovering this little gem of a place is a reason to celebrate itself. St David (Dewi Sant to give it it’s Welsh title) and the surrounding peninsula are home to some breath taking landscapes  that hold some secrets old British history. This place ideal for pilgrims and tourists alike as it has been for for centuries.

St David – the patron saint of Wales, and the Cathedral that bears his name is at the heart of this idyllic ‘city’.  St Davids today is a great place to base yourself for family holidays, within each reach of wonderful sandy beaches, and accommodation to suit any pocket.  Mainly B&B’s, pubs with rooms, caravan and camping all around.  The city and all it’s natural attractions are all on the now infamous Nation Park footpath.

If you like some adventure and you fancy some surfing, walking, climbing, canoeing, fishing, sailing , bird watching and just about everything outdoor activity then this is definitely a place to head for.

Whether on near by coast or from the islands close by, you will witness some of the most remarkable wild life to be found anywhere in the UK.  Want to watch dolphins, seals, or spot the amazing the amazing bird life of Ramsey Island, add in a colourful array of wild flowers and you will certainly feel at one with Mother Nature

St Davids Cathedralwhat to do in St Davids - visit st Davids Cathedral

Nowhere else in the UK is there a more ancient Cathedral community. It dates back over 1400 years back into the ‘dark ages’, he chose this area for good reason to hide it from the various invaders. Today his shrine is lays in a grassy hollow, unaware of the importance of his life and the significance made in Wales.   The fifteen foot high wall, built in the 6th century AD used to surround the Cathedral.

In the remaining Gatehouse there is an exhibition which helps to show you what life was really like way back in the day, the worship rituals and the pilgrimages. The city held a strategic position as pivotal point for sea crossings between Ireland, Wales and England. Even William the Conqueror made a visit albeit a thousand years ago. It has been visiting by the Queen though on many occasions.

Ramsey Island

Located just off the headland of St Davids, encompassed by high sea cliffs Ramsey Island is a paradise for bird lovers worldwide . It depends on what time of year you visit as to what you will see. From July – September are the probably the best months. Porpoises, dolphins, and there is a chance usually 4 times out of 10 of sighting whales. Usually minke, but orcas, and pilot whales have been known to use this as a route back towards the North Pole.


You can reach the island by boat from the tiny harbour at St Justinian’s, 2 miles west of St Davids. Longer boat trips run up to 20 miles offshore, to the edge of the Celtic Deep, to spot whales, porpoises and dolphins.

ramsye island St Davids West wales - things to do


If you like your sports wet and wild then you should try a spot of surfing at Whitesands Bay.  Looking down from Carn Llidi (not Lidl), you will see the beautiful white sand, which reaches out to the St Davids headland.  Without doubt this is one of the best surfing beaches in the UK.  It gets very popular with all the surfing ‘dudes’ especially when there is a swell.  It’s also popular with canoeists and body borders – but dont worry there are enough waves for everyone whatever level you are at.

Whitesands is one of the many (41) Blue Flag beaches in Wales and so meets all the requirements to ensure a great , clean , fun packed day out.

Whitesands St Davids West wales - things to do St Davids West Wales

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