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The county of Gwynedd that is home to Wales largest mountain is a wonderful place and an ideal place to look for holidays rentals Snowdonia. Located in the north west of Wales it has some of the finest scenery you are likely to see in that part of the world.

The mountains and coast of Snowdonia is made up of a fine blend of culture, history and landscape dating back prehistoric period. Pagan times were followed by the Romans, then the the rise of Christianity, to Mediaeval Princes. Let’s not forget the Vikings, they also settled here, then comes the Anglo Saxons and Normans invasions. Snowdonia has had them all – and still survived.

Witness the dramatic landscapes of the mountains, valleys and coastline. Ancient Celtic forts, religious shrines, standing stones not to mention a few castles thrown in for good measure. When the Romans finally departed, other invaders moved into the difficult mountain terrain. Snowdonia has hosted them all – The Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Normans has all been here and left their mark on history here. It was during this time that saw the Princes of Gwynedd build multiple castles to try and protect the land and the people.

The lives of the native Celts that were here during the Iron age changed with the arrival of the Romans.  Gnaeus Julius Agricola established the first wooden and earth fort in Caernarfon in AD77 – the remains of the Segontium site is still visible today.  Today however things have settled down somewhat – and the result is Snowdonia – a beautiful and wonderful county full of breath taking scenery and history around every corner.

Bangor, Caernarfon, Llanberis and the Villages of Snowdonia

Mr Big in these parts is – guess? – Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and England. But it’s not just a one mountain show. There are mountain lakes and wooded valleys too, and a coastline of big beaches and sheltered straits. Man-made places also make it into the big league, especially world-famous Caernarfon Castle

Cricieth, Porthmadog and the Vale of Ffestiniog

The southern shores of the Llyˆn Peninsula and the hauntingly beautiful Dwyryd Estuary. And there’s country – lots of it, including chunks of Snowdonia and the wooded Vale of Ffestiniog. So you’re not short of scenery

Conwy Valley and Hiraethog

What a difference a few miles can make. The green, fertile Conwy Valley is flanked on the west by thick forests and to the east by the heather moors of Hiraethog – otherwise known as the Denbigh Moors, a huge expanse of unexplored upland

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Holidays Rentals Snowdonia – to sum it up

Snowdonia should be on everyone’s ToDo list when coming to Wales. You can base yourself for a week and everyday can be filled with calm and relaxation or action packed adventure and  exploration. The Land of mountainous Dragons, Myth and Legend. Spectacular scenery and fresh clean air – anyone who visits here will always remember it – that is a mark of a memorable holiday.  Here are some holiday places to consider using when you come to Snowdonia.

If you want to get tto the top of Mount Snowdon and you dont fancy climbing it – you can always take the special train to the top – where you can have a nice cup of tea

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